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Misogyny in the Church

Extracts from the Church's Briefing Paper (pre-2000) "Succession to the Crown".

“Male succession is the law of God.”

“Male succession and male inheritance lose validity in any society which cannot guarantee that a woman’s sons are those of one specific, committed husband. Wherever loose unions and adultery are widespread, matrilinearity follows. Where monogamy has broken down, it can only be guaranteed that a child is his mother’s. Such a society must conclude that an indisputable line of descent can only be drawn from mother to eldest daughter, to her eldest daughter, and so on.”

“Such societies have never lasted long …. They are inherently self-destructive ….  Although adultery and illegitimacy are widespread and increasing in the UK at present, the United Kingdom, thank God, is not in a position where we must accomodate matrilinearity in any from [sic].”

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